Formatted Output

Three Ways for a Nicer Output

Traditional Output with movable types When you start to learn programming, the essential things have priority. Before the most basic programming logic like how to assign values to variables, how to use conditional statements or create loops, beginning programmers usually don't bother about the beauty of the output. The most important thing is to get some output and to get the correct output. Later on the wish to pretty print or format the output becomes the focus of attention.

How to continue: We are maintaining 4 different Python tutorials: A German and an English tutorial dealing with Python 2 and a tutorial on Python3 in English and German. This means an enormous amount of work. To reduce this work load, we have decided to concentrate on the two Python3 tutorials in future.

We recommend to continue with our chapter "Formatted Output" of our Python3 tutorial. It's compatible with version 2.x anyway.