Intro to Advanced Python

By Bernd Klein. Last modified: 16 Aug 2021.

This section of our tutorial has Python topics that are too difficult for beginners. This is also reflected in our image. The trail requires experience and beginners with insufficient experience could easily get dizzy. Those who have successfully completed our beginner's tutorial or who have acquired sufficient Python experience elsewhere should not have any problems. As everywhere in our tutorial, we introduce the topics as gently as possible. This part of our Python tutorial is aimed at advanced programmers.

Most people will probably ask themselves immediately whether they are at the right place here. As in various other areas of life and science, it is not easy to find and describe the dividing line between beginners and advanced learners in Python. On the other hand, it is also difficult to decide what the appropriate topics are for this part of the tutorial. Some topics are considered by some as particularly difficult, while others rate them as easy. Like the hiking trail in the picture on the right. For people with mountain experience it is a walk, while people without experience or with a strong feeling of dizziness are already dreadful at the sight of the picture.

When asked what advanced topics are, i.e. Python topics that are too difficult for beginners, I was guided by my experiences from numerous Python trainings.

Those who have successfully completed our beginner's tutorial or have had sufficient Python experience elsewhere should have no problems. As everywhere in our tutorial, we introduce the topics as gently as possible.

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In this chapter

1. Recursive FunctionsIntroduction to recursive thinking, recursion and recursive functions in Python
2. Iterators and IterablesDifferences between Python iterables and iterators. Function to decide if an object is iterable or not.
3. Generators and IteratorsTutorial and practical introduction to Generators and Iterators in Python
4. Lambda Operator, filter, reduce and mapChapter on the Lambda Operator and the functions map, filter and reduce
5. zip introduction and examplesPython Tutorial: An introduction into the zip classes with examples and use cases
6. Decorators and DecorationIntroduction to decorators.
7. Memoization and DecoratorsIntroduction into memoization techniques by using decorators on the recursive Fibonacci sequence function.
8. Functional Programming OOPMimicking OOP classes with functional Programming functions
9. List ComprehensionTutorial on List Comprehension in Python. Guido van Rossum's alternative to lambda, filter, map and reduce.
10. Function Composition In PythonFunction composition in Python is an operation that combines two or more functions to create a new function.
11. Currying in PythonCurrying functions in Python.
12. Argument CountIn Python, grasping function arguments is essential for concepts like decorators. Counting function invocations with unknown arguments.
13. Tests, DocTests, UnitTestsTesting Python-Programs with or without special modules like unit-Test and doctest
14. Testing with PytestIntroduction to testing in Python. Introduction in the module pytest
15. Regular ExpressionsGeneral introduction into Regular Expression and their usage in Python
16. Advanced Regular ExpressionsAdvanced Regular Expressions in Python. Finding all Matched Substrings and splitting Strings by using regular expression and other topics.