Rapid GUI Programming with Python and Qt

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Rapid GUI Programming with Python and Qt This book teaches programmers how to write programs using PyQt 4, the Python bindings for the Qt 4 application development framework. PyQt 4 is probably the fastest and easiest route into GUI programming and works on Windows, Mac OS X, and most operating systems that use the X Window System, such as Linux and many Unices. Note that the book is also useful for PySide programmers.

The book will be useful to people who program professionally as part of their job, whether as full-time software developers, or those from other disciplines, including scientists and engineers, who need to do some programming in support of their work. It is also suitable for students-the only prerequisite is basic knowledge of an object oriented programming language, for example, Java or C++, or of course Python itself.

The book is ~550 pages (648 including the appendices and index), has a foreword by Phil Thompson creator of PyQt, and is published by Prentice Hall.


Title: Rapid GUI Programming with Python and Qt
Author: Mark Summerfield
ISBN-10: 0132354187
ISBN-13: 978-0132354189
648 Pages

About the Author

Mark is an independent programmer, author, editor, and trainer, specializing in C++, Qt, Python, and PyQt. Mark is a qualified teacher and graduated with first class honours in Computer Science from the University of Wales Swansea, UK. Prior to starting Qtrac Ltd., he spent many years in the software industry, primarily as a programmer.